An Overview of Commercial Floor Mats

12 Oct

YS3HBPU9EHCF The mats are pieces of fabric, rubber and other stuff which are placed on floors or other flat surfaces for various purposes. These floor mats and entrance mats may seem unnoticeable from the whole interior perspective but it adds the spice just like the salt does in an overall recipe. In 19th century, there were two types of mats commonly found; doormats or entrance mats – which are used for scrubbing dirt from shoes or placed in bathroom (bath mats), used for absorbing water or to provide non-slippery warm surface. Apart from these, other traditional mats were car mats and serving mats etc.

Commercial Floor Mats Today

Now in 21st century, the usages of commercial floor mats have increased from residential to commercial purposes. The reason for being adopted commercially was due to its benefits and designs especially built for commercial purposes. For example, a simple entrance floor mat which was previously just laid to protect people from slippery surfaces while entering into a commercial place are now turned into an advertising tool by placing the company or brand logo on the entrances, elevator lobbies or reception areas to promote a company’s brand sublimely. Nowadays, even a car mat has company logo on it.

Commercial Floor Mats:  Anti-Fatigue, Gym, and Entrance

Another major advantage of having commercial floor mats is that these mats can be used to motivate employees. Yes, with the design of anti-fatigue mats, office workers can now feel relaxed; ease their legs, foot and fight back fatigue. The research shows that companies having anti-fatigue mats in a working environment makes employee more comfortable, which in turn increases productivity levels by decreasing injuries and improving speed. These commercial floor mats are usually placed in restaurant, office, industrial, retail or pharmaceutical environments. Another category is an Antimicrobial technology mat which is used for safety of employees by eradicating the proportionate amount of bacteria from the environment present in Hospitals and laboratories. These mats can also be placed in restroom facilities and food services areas.

There are many types of commercial floor mats available which can be of great importance, not just to protect the floor from dirt or matting products but can also be used as an insulator in protecting people from shocks for employees who work in hazardous environments.  These floor mats can be used as gym mats to add to the comfort level, safety and appeal in exercising areas. As mentioned above, these mats add spice to overall interior with lots of benefits and advantages. We at “company name” give our best services to our respective clients and prospective customers in order to make their lives more pleasant, healthy and comfortable in any environmental setting they work in with only one single product category in mind that is – commercial floor mats.

Floor Mats: Creativity, Creativity, Creativity!

Businesses are limited only by their own creativity when it comes to floor mats.  There are a plethora of products from which to choose.  Most products are available in a wide range of surface textures and colors as well.  This makes it easy for property owners or business managers to coordinate their commercial floor mat products with interior design colors.  Though floor mats primarily as a means of protecting guests and floor spaces, they may also be used to complement interior design!