Commercial Floor Mats: 2011 and Beyond

YS3HBPU9EHCF Commercial floor mats are the ideal floor mats to be used in area where there is heavy foot traffic. Commercial floor mats are heavy duty and provides quality flooring solution to any business. This type of mat is what you see in offices, showrooms, display areas and mostly placed at the entrance and exit of a facility.

Why Use Commercial Floor Mats?

Commercial floor mats are more durable than floor paints and tiles. They are also more effective in protecting the floor and ensuring the safety of people. Commercial floor mats have three basic patterns:

  • Coin Pattern-This pattern looks more attractive and there is cushioning added to the mats.
  • Ribbed Pattern-This pattern regulates wastes and liquid spillage.
  • Tread pattern-This pattern has good adhesive friction.

Qualities Of Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are made to be sturdy and fire retardant. This means that the commercial floor mats are resistant to cigarette burns and solder. Manufacturers of these flooring products make sure that there is no lead or asbestos content in the mats.

In case oil is spilled,  mats should easily absorb the oil and will not let it pass through the mat. This makes cleaning and maintaining the products very easy. There are other more improved commercial floor mats today. It includes anti-static mats for explosions, anti-microbial mats for hospitals and anti-fungal mats for veterinary clinics. There are even entrance mats or entrance floor mats that can help lessen dirt to be carried into the edifice.

Floor Mats:  Protecting Floors and Visitors

Floor mats will help a business to serve guests and employees better.  Some models are made of special materials to prevent muscle fatigue and cramping.  Others may be created with high tech digital printers, allowing businesses to create custom logo mats with ease.  Take a look at the many benefits of installing commercial floor mats for a business:

  • Safety- Commercial floor mats are safer to use because it absorbs water and can prevent accidental slips. It will also not burn from cigarette butts, which will avoid fire. Businesses will have a good amount of foot traffic every day and it is a must that the right types of floor mats or entrance floor mats are used for safety.
  • Cleans Dirt and Removes Moisture-Commercial floor mats are often placed in entryways because it cleans the dirt and removes moisture from the shoes of guests and employees. The debris is absorbed so it will not spread all over the floor surface. Accumulated dirt on the floor makes hardwood and granite floors slippery over time that is why floor mats or entrance mats must be utilized.
  • Non-Slip- Commercial floor mats are made with a non-slip backing so it stays on the floor firmly. Floor mats reduce the risk of slips and falls in the business facility.
  • Floor Protection-Commercial floor mats are great mats to protect the floor surface. Floors made from hardwood, granite, ceramic tile are very common in entryways and lobbies. These materials can be easily scratched, chipped or cracked due to wear and tear.

Once damage happens, the floor becomes unsafe to walk on and will look unprofessional to business guests. Commercial floor mats serve as a buffer between the floor and dropped objects to avoid floor damage. This way, the company will save money on floor repair and the floor will still look great.

  • Branding- Commercial floor mats is one way to welcome guests into the business in a professional manner. The floor mat can be customized according to the company’s logo and brand. A vibrant commercial floor mat can complement a business’ marketing efforts.

Commercial floor mats are a must for any office or facility. As mentioned, it will protect your floors and at the same time provide safety for people coming in and out of the building.

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